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Have you heard about saying "think outside of the box"? When studying art, it's important to keep your style and not focusing on what other people have done before. Express yourself and don't be afraid to show the world how you see it. Become one of us and we'll make sure that you learn what you need to without compromising your own imagination and style.

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Drawing courses

Drawing courses will allow you to learn drawing tools of expression Рcompositions, techniques, prospects and the basics of academic drawing. A drawing will help you to develop associative thinking. It also allows you to freely handle various drawing materials Рpencil, charcoal, ingot, mascara, and pastel. In our courses, you will acquire theoretical knowledge and strengthen it in practice. Drawing courses will allow you to master the designing of objects, a composition in space, observing the subject relations. Drawing skills will allow you to freely draw the plenum, as well as to master the structure of human and animal figures, and display in different poses. Our professional teachers come from well known universities like University College London. See our programs here.

Painting courses

Painting courses allow you to develop skills in mixing colors, coloring, painting, applying various painting materials and learning the initial painting of the painting. In the course we will work with watercolor colors, acrylic paints on paper, canvas with application of different painting tools (brushes). The courses cover the basics of silent nature, landscape and academic painting, as well as the composition of the painting composition. Painting courses allow you to develop painting skills in various lighting. On request, you will be able to learn various styles of painting as well as abstractionism. Currently available courses can be found here.

Drawing for children

It is advisable for a child to start teaching painting and painting from the age of 5 years. The lessons will develop the child’s fantasy and the ability to portray the visions represented in associative images by improving associative and logical thinking. We will learn how to handle different expression materials – flomaster, watercolor, acrylic and gouache colors and pastel crayons, using canvas, paper and colored cardboard. During the drawing, children learn the basics of painting, mixing of color shades, applying opposite color shades to the drawing. Children in drawing also learn drawing and painting of figures and moving figures – human and animal depictions, as well as the basics of composition. Currently available program for kids.

Composition, Perspective

The composition is highly valued in all subjects – drawing, painting and figurative representation. Painting and drawing courses teach the correct course of subjects, the placement of figures on a page or a canvas. It also captures the dynamics of movements and the subject’s relationship with the persecutor, which goes hand in hand with a color composition and a tonal composition. Some of our program materials include information provided by UAC.

Color teaching

Color studies are taught in the painting and drawing courses, and allow you to get to know the regularities of local and tone color depending on the changes in lighting and the position of the displayed subject in the room. It also learns the basics of color relations, blend of color tones, and color representation of the idea. Start developing your skills in drawing and painting today!

Tuition fee

The duration of each class varies and please look into each program separately. The same for a tuition fee. It may depend on materials needed, time spend and the size of the group. Please note that additional financing may be available and you can get more information by reaching out to the student finance helpline.