Anime and Manga drawing courses

We invite you to cartoon drawing courses, mostly in anime style. When: Courses will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at. 16:30 In classes, we will explore the foundations of anime-style drawing step by step. Each student will try to develop their own individual drawing style according to the program. These classes are primarily […]

Drawing and painting courses with Amanda

Art and drawing studio for those who want to discover and develop the artist and deepen the understanding of the essence of art compositions and works of art. You can learn the basics of art yourself or with your child. Everyone will have the opportunity to paint, and you can expect something new – the […]

Drawing and art courses for children and adults

Individual approach to each participant! When: Friday at 18:30 Anne completed a famous Canadian art school herself and with the experience that she has gained abroad as well as by working with the best artists in the world, she finally joined our team and started to teach you and us some amazing things. It’s not […]