Drawing and art courses for children and adults

Individual approach to each participant!

When: Friday at 18:30

Anne completed a famous Canadian art school herself and with the experience that she has gained abroad as well as by working with the best artists in the world, she finally joined our team and started to teach you and us some amazing things. It’s not about teaching the methods and techniques, it’s more about what can be done and what can be used to create an astonishing result.

An individual approach to each participant in order to grow and show the artist’s talent as quickly as possible. With the growth of craftsmanship and desire, different themes, art techniques and styles will be used to achieve great¬†results. Drawing lessons for beginners is a step-by-step program with practical tasks with increasing complexity, which will encourage creative engagement. Time will be devoted to useful and practical classes.

Book your spot next Friday: +44 (0) 20 7514 6102

One lesson for beginners: £60

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Drawing: tonality, proportions, composition
  • Color teaching
  • Graphics
  • Painting
  • All the basic techniques of painting – watercolor, crayon, acrylic, etc.

Classical drawing lessons and other forms of art attract us to everything that is beautiful in this world and help to strengthen our minds and to get a clear consciousness.