Our Stories

Linda is a photographer and artist who has received academic art education. Linda studied at the London Design and Art School, London Art Academy, and Falmouth University in the UK. Everyday, Linda works both as a commercial photographer and develops her own personal projects, and has been in drawing design studio for more than five years. She sees life as a fascinating challenge for a full path that gives inspiration every step.

About drawing: Being able to portray your thoughts and ideas on a paper is a great benefit, but drawing is much more than a proper drawing of lines and perspective construction – it gives confidence in what we do, it allows us to discard and believe in ourselves. Drawing develops the ability to watch and explore, which extends the range of vision in general.

“If we could clearly see a miracle in one flower, our whole life would change.”

Lesley about herself: “Flowers and creative art are my everyday life, work and also a hobby. For me it’s not just a profession, but a state of mind.”

Lesley is a certified florist with 15 years of experience. Flower design has mastered by graduating Christina’s Char courses. Participated in exhibitions organized by the London Flower Association and several workshops organized by Flora during which it was possible to meet florists from different countries.

Also, a pedagogue worked for several years at the Flower Salon at Bridal100 and is still individually helping with weddings, celebratory corporate events and celebrations for families. She has come up with an integral part of the experience with which, willingly, shares with anyone who is interested.

My interest towards drawing has been since childhood, but I started at eleven years at the Manchester School of Art, where I spent five years in a creative way. In 2008, after graduating from the Manchester School of Art, I continued to study drawing and painting with the artist and graphic artist Clara Bartist at the Leeds Creative Arts Studio. During the time, together with the students of the studio, I participated in several exhibitions both in Leeds and in other cities of UK. In 2010, graduating from Gymnasium and Fine Arts, I went to London to fulfill my skills and prepare for entrance exams at the London Academy of Art. In the same year I entered the Manchester Design and Art Secondary School, the Interior Design Department. In 2011, I passed the entrance examinations and was admitted to the London Academy of Art, Sub-branch of Environmental Art. Along with the specific sections of the department, environmental objects and environmental design solutions, I continue to work in fine arts.